ObamaCare is a US statute signed in by Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. Obamacare constituted the most comprehensive regulatory overall of the US healthcare system since the introduction medicaid in 1965.

The explicit goals of ObamaCare were to insure 50 million Americans, lower the cost and improve the quality of US healthcare and improve outcomes. The statute signed in by Obama requires corporations to cover all applicants with new minimum standards and provide equivalent rates independent of gender or pre-existing conditions.

ObamaCare was born out of the recognition that despite spending the most on healthcare, outcomes in the US are subpar. The incredible complexity of the insurance company / physician dynamic made it extremely difficult to resolve this cost ineffectiveness.

ObamaCare includes several provisions designed to increase access to quality healthcare. One provision is guaranteed issue: insurance providers cannot deny coverage or discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. Many provisions are aimed at incentivizing individuals to enroll in healthcare. Health insurance exchanges have been established to easily allow consumers to comparison shop for healthcare plans. Citizens may face a penalty if they do not purchase a healthcare plan, except in certain cases of financial hardship and religious exemptions. Federal subsidies are provided to allow low-income families to enroll in plans. Additionally, new minimum standards for insurance plans have been established. Together, these provisions aim to increase the feasibility of enrolling in a quality health insurance plan.

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